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110 acres of land were added to Horseshoe Bend Park before the end of 2020. Two parcels were added to the south connecting the park to Kingwood Station Barbertown Road.  The dedication of the new properties and addition of three new trails was held on May 3. 2021.

New Trails.jpg

According to Mayor Richard Dodds, " The three trails that we are opening today are named to honor those families which have preserved their land and made it part of the park. The three trails are:

The DIXON – FLEMING TRAIL a half mile trail which starts near the highest point of the Flagg-Kirkland Trail and continues to ascend to the highest point of the park;

The AXELROD TRAIL - This .6 mile trail start where the Dixon –Fleming Trail ends, at the historical parcel line between the two properties. The trail slowly descends along the edge of an old field and finally down through a large grove of birch trees;

And finally JENNY’S POND TRAIL. A half mile trail which is a connector between the Axelrod Trail and the Dixon - Fleming Trail that passes a small pond at the top of the forested ridge.

Ribon Cutting 2.jpg
Thanks again to the Dixon-Fleming and Axelrod families who chose to preserve their land for public use.